We are proud to include these fellow Yoginis in our Karmala Journey~

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Annu Gaidhu (Toronto, ON)

Miss India Canada 2014, Yoga Educator, Founder of Healing Hearts Project

Annu Gaidhu is a certified yoga instructor that is committed to teaching self-love and wellness through her practices. ‘Dreaming big, believing in yourself and creating a positive attitude’ has been a philosophy of hers. For Annu, one of her proudest accomplishments was becoming Toronto’s youngest certified yoga instructor at the age of 23. She has an infectious passion for teaching yoga and takes pride in being able to share with others what she considers the greatest gift – to show others how to love themselves. Annus desire in helping others and providing opportunities for them has lead her to create the "Healing Hearts Project" initiative this upcoming May 2015 in India. Through a five-week awareness raising tour she will be providing psychosocial support to children and local school educators in the greatest need. Her initiative consists of creating child focused yoga curriculums dedicated to educating children on life skills through therapeutic yoga based techniques and meditation. Helping others is something that Annu has and will always strive to do.

IG: @annugaidhu



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Cam Lee (Vancouver, BC)

Camillia discovered the power of yoga after a climbing accident which left her with a broken leg. With yoga, she was able to heal herself not only physically but mentally, finding new found ease and peace in her life. Also, yoga provided her with a new nurturing understanding way to rehabilitate all of her injuries. Since then, Camillia has been inspired to spread her joy of yoga with others. She loves how yoga can transform people, bringing lightness, balance, and clarity into their lives, opening untapped emotions and aspirations. In her class, Camillia likes to guide students through an energizing, invigorating and lighthearted class, connecting their body, mind and spirit.

IG: @camleeyoga


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Chantal O’Sullivan

I choose ad-venture. Curiosity. And smiles.

There was that time I worked as a cowgirl in Japan, lived in a camping car in a rice field. Or the time I wrote horoscopes about fairies and sad dogs. There's been times when I devour books while my spirit animal self, a sloth, hangs out in a hammock in Costa Rica. Times when I am happy, or when I cry. 

But always, I choose to explore.

Because you never know what you'll find when you let go of expectations, dump the "should" and open up to the "could."

This past year I drove my tugboat down a river. Taught yoga on a mountain top at a festival. Shed my old skin and let some ego stuff go.

Today, like yesterday, I hope to create, destroy, let go, learn, forgive, love and be love.

Because ultimately, that's what yoga is about: connecting and being awake to life. 

IG : @chantalyoga



Chloe Dee Dudley (Seattle, Washington)

 Chloé is a genuine, passionate, and dynamic instructor of yoga and barre. Captain of her D1 lacrosse team, Chloé has always had a drive and passion for health and fitness. She shifted gears to become an instructor after working an around-the-clock marketing job in Manhattan, where fitness took too much of a backseat. Her first experience “on the mat” was while attending prep school in New England, and she became a devoted student of yoga after college. Chloe’s favorite styles to teach are a Vinyasa style class or restorative recovery based class. Her motto for 2015 is “Handstand whenever you can” and you can find her classes to have a lot of arm balances incorporated into the vinyasa style classes. 

IG: @ChloeDeeYoga



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Jamie Sheppard (Oregonian turned Floridian)

Jamie is an adventurista, yogi and outdoor lover. She "retired" from her tenure as a public school counselor in 2014 after starting her own online fitness and health coaching business and becoming an entrepreneur. She shares her love for fitness, health, self-love and yoga and living a life of our own design through this social media based business and incorporates her love for yoga and soulful connection daily. She and her soul-mate (ALSO named Jamie!) recently transplanted from beautiful San Diego to Florida in support of his Olympic quest to race in the first triathlon event ever. As part of this new chapter they 'rescued' two fluffballs to their little family from an awesome rescue organization "BIG FLUFFY DOG RESCUE" and are loving the cuddly additions! When she isn't helping others reach her goals, she loves to play outside climbing, backpacking, rafting, hiking, beach-going and plans to get a lot of practice out of her new Stand-Up Paddleboard in the inner-coastal channel behind their Florida digs!! Traveling and adventure-ista-ing rounds out their interests and fills her time and "Life By Design."

IG: @beautifulyou_today


Jessica (Oahu, Hawaii)

This beautiful fairy sprite can be found practicing lyra and yoga on the lush island of Oahu.

(Photo : Patti @penaphotography)

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Laurence Gay (Paris, France)

First of all, I must clarify one point. My name is Laurence Gay. Gay is my family name and not the mark of a community claim on my part. My teaching philosophy is simple: be genuine, have heart, live life. If you recognize yourself in this motto, we have much in common. Whether you are gay or sad, our opportunities to share yoga are numerous: my classes and yoga sessions of course, but also my blog www.laurencegay.com and social networks. I have been teaching since 2003. First the ashtanga vinyasa yoga and for nearly 6 years now prana flow yoga. One day in August 2010, I decided to write what I would have liked to read about yoga in French. And that's how I started blogging. To follow my news and let yourself be surprised by yoga, enter your email on www.laurencegay.com  Looking forward to meeting you.

IG: @laurenceyoga


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Mara Panacci (Halifax, NS & Aomori, JP)

A fascinating combination of hippy warrior goddess and tenacious business woman, Mara is an International Yoga Teacher, Writer, Blogger, Creative Alchemist, Branding Aficionado, Wellness Consultant, and Birth Junkie. She will co-create alongside you to navigate any blockages you may have, whether it be how to begin your own artistic business or how to nourish yourself to vitality. She's also on board to help you break all self imposed rules and constraints so you can radiate in technicolor. Nomadic adventurer and wellness devotee, Mara leads programs and workshops all over the world.

IG: @yogarenegade


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Michelle Brunet (Vancouver BC)

Michelle first discovered yoga in 2004 to sooth her injured body and still her meandering mind. To Michelle, yoga is an inquisitive wave: an intention sparks from a seemingly still sea of consciousness, slowly rippling into an intensity of energy and playful exploration, ultimately reaching a pinnacle of awareness, then naturally returning to an effortless culmination of stillness. In 2012, Michelle became a certified teacher, with the desire to create a platform for others to heal and explore. She aspires to inspire her students to find joy in every movement and every moment.

IG: @michelle_brunet

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Monica Mesa (Colorado, USA)

Monica Mesa is a bhakti devotional yogini who teaches Prana Vinyasa; a style of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective. She is the founder and creative director of Yoga for the Peaceful Studio and Yoga Rocks the Butte Winter Fest in Crested Butte, Colorado. Monica is a senior teacher, assistant and teacher trainer for Shiva Rea's Samudra Global School of Living Yoga and teaches the 200 Hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program in U.S. and internationally. A mother of three sons living in the mountains, Monica has Colombian roots, teaches bilingually, and is also a nordic skier and soul surfer who loves to teach surf retreats in exotic destinations, as well as yoga adventure retreats in her majestic mountain town. Her yoga classes, workshops and retreats are imbued with music, sacred ritual, celebration and movement alchemy to honor all the rhythms of living, loving and serving life.

IG: @monicamesadasi

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Ocean Bloom (Maldives)

Ocean currently travels through Asia where she offers Conscious Movement Therapy sessions, leads wellness retreats, and teaches fitness and yoga programs. Known for her creativity and inspirational teaching style, she shares her memorable humour, compassion, empathy and excitement about the art of physical and mental transformation. She offers a personalized holistic approach to total health and fitness focusing on working from the inside out. A World Fitness Champion, originally from Vancouver, BC. Ocean had devoted years to a career as an actress, professional dancer and yoga teacher before traveling to Asia to study Thai Massage, meditation, and emotional psychology.  In 2011 Ocean moved to Asia to pursue studies in Thai Massage, Neuro Linguist Programming, Emotional Freedom Tapping and transformational breath work. Ocean’s life passion is to empower individuals to cultivate a profound sense of well being in their mental, emotional and physical body. 

IG: @oceanbloom


Veronique Dumont

Veronique Dumont (Quebec, Canada)

Veronique Dumont a egalement suivi une formation professionnelle en yoga au centre Kripalu et une formation intensive pour professeur de yoga aux Etats-Unis avec Shiva Rea, formatrice de renommee internationale. Veronique et certifee comme professeur senior en Prana Flow et collabore aux formations de Shiva Rea aux Etats-Unis et en Europe, et est associee avec Samudra School of Yoga, de Shiva Rea, en tant que directrice de formation de Prana Flow/Vinyasa Energetique au Quebec et au niveau international.

IG: @prana.vinyasa.flow.canada