Malas: Originating from India and East Asia, malas are made up of 108 beads and one guru bead. Malas are used to help with meditation and counting of mantras, thus they are the perfect compliment to your mindful yoga practice and inspired living.

Agate (various colours, opaque blue round beads with purple marble): Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Amazonite (round matte beads): inner freedom, truth, harmony, communication 

Angelite (translucent blue round beads): Serenity, Expanded Awareness, Encourages Clear & Compassionate Communication

Aquamarine (blue oval or irregular faceted and smooth irregular): Harmony, Courage, Happiness, Connection to the Sea

Amethyst (light to dark purples): Wisdom, Spirituality, Protection, Inspiration, Inner Peace

Aventurine (opaque round evergreen and larger faceted ovals) : Prosperity, Positivity, Well-being, Creativity, Leadership, Compassion

Carnelian (orange): Courage, Vitality, Confidence, Adventure

Chalcedony (large chunks of seafoam green/blue): Balance, Centeredness, Inner knowledge, Calmness

Citrine (yellow): Creativity, Imagination, Will, Manifestation, Success

Ganesha (silver or bronze charm): Protection, Intellect, Wisdom, Remover of Obstacles

Graywood (gray wood base): from the Kulalom tree, a natural wood and colour, calming, soothing 

Green Garnet (olive colour faceted stones): Prosperity, Health, Zest for Living

Lava (black round bead base): Strength, Power, Grounding, Connection to Mother Earth

Onyx (opaque jet black): Inner Strength, Focus, Willpower, Self-mastery, Discipline, Confidence

Prenhite (lighter green faceted irregular and ovals) : Inner Peace, Union of the Heart & Will

Rainbow Moonstone (milky white faceted irregular and ovals): Optimsm, Vitality, Inner Peace, Joy

Rosewood (natural wood base): a natural wood and colour, calming, soothing 

Rudraksha (textured round bead): seeds from tree grown in India and East Asia, represent spiritual enlightenment and balance of mind, body and soul.

Rose Quartz (light pink faceted irregular and ovals) : Love, gentleness, Emotional Healing

Smoky Quartz (gray cloudy or translucent): Grounding, Manifesting ones dreams, Positivity, Inspiration

Quartz (round matte clear beads): clarity, enhances and intensifies, focuses intention, heightens spiritual awareness, positivity

Aqua Agate Druzy (gold plated charms): Water & Dreams, Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Rose Agate Druzy (gold plated charms): Love & Beauty, Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Crystal Agate Druzy (gold plated charms): Peace & Purity, Harmonizing Yin & Yang